Online cyrillic symbols detection


This site is created to help developers quickly detect unpleasant cyrillic symbols on the given URL.

The algorithm works as follows:

  1. The system tries to unzip the contents by the given URL if it's gzipped
  2. Then the system tries to decode HTML using UTF-8 decoder
  3. If failed, then it tries to use CP1251 decoder. If it's failed then KOI8-R, and finally tries UTF-8 decoder and replaces unpleasant symbols
  4. On the last step the system calculates the occurrences of cyrillic symbols: line + cyrillic character position(s)

You can try checking URLS using browser address bar: or just typing in the URL on the Home page.

The service has a simple API request for those who do not like GUI. Detect cyrillic symbols just using Validate request. It returns a JSON object with occurrences line by line.